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RIVA/Athena ECUThe RIVA/ATHENA Pro-Series ECU provides a huge performance advantage to the Yamaha 1.8L Engine delivering over 50hp to the stock SHO engine. ECU is fully programmable with either RIVA supplied mapping or user adjustable parameters. Most calibrations require use 91+ octane pump fuel. Plugs directly into factory wiring harness via waterproof connectors.

Key Features Include:

1) Easy loading of supplied calibrations/maps for various performance applications.

  • Performance Fuel Mapping: Delivers optimal fuel required for your specific level of modification based on boost pressure.
  • Performance Timing Curves: Special racing curves produce more power throughout the RPM range.
  • Rev Limiter Increase: Stock rev limit can been increased so engine RPM can be run higher producing more boost pressure and horsepower.
  • Boost Control for turbo applications. (Plug & play connector for wastegate solenoid).

2) Ability to customize RIVA calibrations for special applications. Using supplied software, user can adjust parameters such as Fuel, Timing, Rev Limiter & Boost Control.

3) Retains all iControl functions.

4) Retains all OEM dash display functions & Engine Safety Functions.

5) Provides diagnostic information that can be displayed via computer interface.

6) Includes plug & play connector for RIVA Dash/Logger unit.

7) Includes plug & play connector for optional lambda sensor kit for data logging air/fuel ratios & tuning functions.

8) Knock Control function protects engine.

9) User selectable dual calibration capacity.

NOTE: Not compatible with 2014 & newer models.


RIVA Pro-Series ECU is for competition use only.